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Opportunities Ahead: Key Government Changes Affecting Property Investors and Tenants in 2024
19 Feb 2024 As we move towards the end of Q1 2024, there’s no better time to take stock of last year and what li...
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$15M Penthouse in Auckland’s CBD Goes for Sale: Signals Promising Signs for High-Rise Developments
15 Feb 2024 A new luxury penthouse in Auckland is currently listed at an eye-watering price of $15 million, prom...
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Warmer Weather Offers a Boost for New Zealand’s Tourism Industry
30 Jan 2024 The warmer summer weather is forecasted to bring a much-needed boost to New Zealand’s tourism indust...
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New Zealand’s Building Costs Rise by 2.4%: Records Smallest Increase Since 2016
24 Jan 2024 Low home demands caused by high interest rates and economic uncertainties have slowed the pace of ho...
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New Zealand's Economy Expected to 'Bounce Back' Post-election: But Big Businesses Remain Struggling
18 Dec 2023 Experts forecast that New Zealand's economy might see a post-election uplift, but it might mean litt...
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