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How do you avoid underinsurance? Being underinsured can happen without you even noticing, here’s how to protect yourself.
29 Nov 2021 By logging all of your assets (even the smaller ones), equipment purchases, updating your listed com...
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Is New Zealand’s Economy Recovering After the Pandemic?
26 Nov 2021 New Zealand has shown great resilience throughout the pandemic, and benefitting from the good manage...
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What do the new medium density housing laws mean for me? (NZ)
02 Nov 2021 From August 2022 Kiwi’s will be able build up to three story homes on most sites without the need fo...
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Why You Should Review Your Insurance Regularly – Save Money and Ensure Adequate Protection
02 Nov 2021 Recurring costs like insurance can feel like a ‘set and forget’ aspect of life and running your busi...
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Fixed price builds not possible with building materials shortage
30 Sep 2021 Why aren’t builders offering fixed price homes in New Zealand right now? The impact of the materials...
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It is such a relief in Business to know your Insurance Broker always has your back and knows all the relevant info to keep us safe.
Nicola Hunt, LockSmart

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