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11 Jun 2021

Insurance Claims After Canterbury Flooding

Recent floods in Canterbury have devastated several farms after heavy rains on Sunday and Monday 30/5 & 31/5. The damage to submerged farms, torn out fences, and stock losses have triggered around three-hundred insurance claims for just one rural insurance company.

While it is still early days and too early to estimate the damage done, it can only be imagined as vehicles, buildings, and fencing have all seen damage.

The three hundred claims are thought to be just the beginning, with over a thousand expected once farmers and owners return to their properties an identify the extent of the damage.

Our Tips for Making Insurance Claims During a Disaster Such as Flooding

  • Safety is the first priority! If it is a risk to your safety to check on something, wait until it has been cleared or dealt with.
  • Get your claim in early. The earlier you submit, the quicker it can be processed.
  • Take lots of photos. This will make it easier to support your claim.
  • Call if you’re unsure. If you have any doubts or questions, get in touch.

While in our industry it is often too easy to focus on the practicality of disasters it is also important to remember that each of these claims represent a family which has come home to destruction, damage, and lost stock.

The peace of mind that your insurance policy has your back, even when the worst-case scenario happens is worth its weight in gold. Depending on the type of insurance your business or project needs, we can help you mitigate the impact of unforeseen circumstances.

With the climate – both environmental and economic – in the state it currently is these circumstances are unlikely to become less common. Get in touch today and talk to us about which of our policy types could be the perfect fit for you.

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