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30 Mar 2020

Payment Relief/Adjustment Plan Due to COVID-19

We know that the current situation has had a massive impact on most businesses. We are sure that you are experiencing problems getting invoices paid and now the inability to work will be having a massive impact on your cashflow. We hope that you are navigating your way through these issues and have explored the options available for govt assistance and bank/finance company payment holidays.

To do our bit to help out we are going to change the way we handle payments as follows:

Payments due in Full (no finance)
We will now give 45 days credit on all payments to allow more time to assemble your resources. This is extended from the normal 14 days credit that is usually given to our clients. If you are still having problems paying within this time then please get in touch to discuss options – you may benefit from going on premium funding to pay for your annual insurance program.

Finance with Bexhill Funding
This was our old provider and there is only a handful of you still on this platform. Unfortunately we do not have much control over this but the team at Bexhill are very good to deal with. If you are having trouble paying your monthly payment then please get in touch and we will contact them on your behalf to explain the situation.

Finance with NZ Allied Funding
This is our finance company which has a common shareholding with Bonded NZ(owned by friends, family, clients and employees of Bonded NZ). We will delay all monthly payments by 14 days. We can also adjust new agreements so that they are longer (with a lower monthly amount). We also urge you to get in touch if you have any issues meeting these revised payment schedules.

Bonding/Surety Invoices
Invoices for new bonds will still have to be paid up front to enable the bond to be issued. There will be flexibility on adjustment/extension invoices on a case by case basis. Again please get in touch if you have any problems meeting these payments.

Please stay safe folks and look forward to talking with you all again soon.

If you need to discuss anything then please get in touch with any member of the Bonded team:

Tony Parkes – 021667623
Matt Dunstan – 0220434913
Andrew Scrivens – 021 495 608
Russell Pietersen – 0224140956
Angelique Tunnell – 0273592223