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26 Mar 2020

We hope you’re doing ok during this difficult time.

Like most other businesses in this country we are going through an extremely challenging time. This is unfortunately going to be very tough for many businesses in this country. Sadly there are many firms that will collapse leading to many job losses along the way.

However, Bonded NZ as a business is well resourced and ready to weather the storm. We have built a strong business with good relationships. The people we deal with are the best in the game and we definitely do not want this carnival ride to end any time soon. To our stakeholders we want to reaffirm the following key points:

– To our employees we want to say that we value your services incredibly and we do not intend to let any of you go during this saga. You do an incredible job for our business and we need you to be there for the recovery WHEN(not if) it comes. We also greatly value your personal safety and want you to follow all public health warnings and directives to ensure the wellbeing of you and your Whanau.

– To our clients we want to say that you are the lifeblood of our business and we will do our best to ensure that your needs are taken care of during this time. All employees of Bonded NZ will be working from home during business hours and Director Tony Parkes will be available at any time if there are issues to resolve. We will be doing all we can to get claims paid, protection in place and solid advice given within a timely manner. If you are having paying or maintaining your insurance then please let us know and we can try work out a plan to get through. Again we greatly value your personal safety and even though we are on the government’s essential services list we will not be in the office or having face to face meetings. We will however be available if necessary to attend your workplace or home in person if essential.

– To our suppliers (not including our insurers) we would like to say that we greatly value all of the support you have given us over the years and we are committed to keeping you happy. All invoices will be paid on time and in full to ensure that your businesses are as strong as possible during this difficult time. Many of you have a multiyear relationship with us and many of you are also clients of ours. We hope that your businesses are coping as well as can be expected in these very troublesome times. If you do have any queries or issues then please contact Tony Parkes direct to discuss.

– And last but certainly not least to our insurers we want to communicate that you are a vital part of our business. We have been impressed by the communication and support you have given both Bonded NZ and our clients since this crisis unfolded and we appreciate the flexibility you have shown around this issue. The financial strength and viability of your business is of great concern to us and of course we are going to need you for the recovery when it comes also. We are doing our best to make sure that you are taken care of during this time.

If anyone has any questions then please get in touch with any member of Bonded NZ. You can view our contact details here.