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Can Companies Take On A New Role for the 21st Century?
15 Oct 2020 Recently, it was announced that Apple is now worth $2 trillion dollars. Though this seems like a mas...
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2020 has arrived
03 Feb 2020 What are the most prominent new construction trends to watch out for?
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New contracting relationship between construction industry and NZ Govt?
23 Dec 2019 The new Government Procurement rules focus on outcomes rather than lowest cost.
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The $6.11 billion increase in building work and your business
08 Jul 2019 How will the $6.11 billion increase in building work in New Zealand from the last quarter affect you...
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Is your business protected in the event of your client going bust?
22 May 2019 Steps you can take to protect your business.
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It is such a relief in Business to know your Insurance Broker always has your back and knows all the relevant info to keep us safe.
Nicola Hunt, LockSmart

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