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Dealing with a trusted insurance broker
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06 Jul 2020

Dealing With A Trusted Insurance Broker During The Recession

Now more than ever it is vital to be able to trust those we work with, particularly those that hold a position of importance in our lives and even more so when it comes to our financial security. You never know when something might go wrong; the last few months have evidenced how fickle the essential parts of life that we depend on can be. Dealing with a trusted insurance broker will bring you the peace of mind you deserve. 

Unfortunately, however, not everyone can be so fortunate as to receive the care owed by insurance providers. As so often is the case, large international insurers just don’t maintain the support they promise when the community needs them most. Insurance superpower IAG is just one example of the big players pulling their fingers out of the pot when it reaches the boiling point; it was revealed that IAG has proposed closing all of their AMI Insurance stores across the country. 

While the company has assured they will be shifting many employees to new digitized roles and will work to keep as many of their staff employed as possible, this move will see a dramatic shift in work stability for many Kiwis and likely a slew of these will join the ranks of the newly unemployed in New Zealand. 

Stick To Dealing With A Trusted Insurance Broker Close To Home 

It is unfortunate to see the lack of support that comes when a large influential company that has its roots deeply embedded in the community decides to withdraw those roots. Often this will occur because of hardship, and while we understand that a business needs to protect itself, we also believe firmly in the value of community and the importance of supporting the folks that you work alongside. 

The Kiwi community builds the foundations of its local businesses, and Bonded NZ Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated insurance broker that you can trust to put back into the community what we gain from it. There is no whanau without its members, so let us continue to work with you as a team to solidify our community as we work through these difficult times. Now is the time to work with a trusted local broker to ensure that your best interests are taken care of.