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Ownership Mentality in your Employees
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22 Feb 2021

How to Create the Ownership Mentality in your Employees

It’s not that difficult to start a new business in New Zealand but becoming successful is the real challenge. Many people start new companies each year and a great percentage of them fail. Why? There are usually a variety of reasons, but one thing is clear. As you move forward trying to establish your new business, you’ll need hard-working, faithful employees to get the job done. And how do you get that? There are a few ways to create the ownership mentality in your employees. 

The business is all about people. Whether these people are your customers or your employees, at the end of the day, it’s about the people, not the money. That’s a mindset many business people still don’t understand. You can’t take advantage of your employees, overwork them, underpay them and then expect them to stay with you through thick and thin. You need people who will stick with you even in the lean season. 

So how do you create that mindset in your employees? There are several ways to accomplish this all-important goal. We go over those below. 

Employee Share Schemes

When people own part of something, they just naturally take better care of it. As your employees come to work each day, they will feel pride of ownership. They’ll know that when they help you succeed, they’re helping their own families. This is a tried-and-true method of creating a workforce that truly gets behind the business owner. 

Build strong bonds with employees

These workers are there each day to get a paycheck. But they’re real people with families, problems and needs. The owner that gets to know his/her employees, will find that the bonds they create extend beyond the business each day. Let people into your life and don’t be afraid to get involved in theirs. 

Allow your employees to have a say in your business

Give your employees the opportunity to contribute. Many people have talents and skills that could be beneficial. One person might be an amazing artist while another might be good at putting together advertising campaigns. Why not take advantage of their skills? They will feel more involved and part of what you’re trying to do. Be sure to offer some type of payment for their assistance. Some employees might want money but others might appreciate an extra day off. 

Trust your team to own tasks and challenges

You can’t be everywhere every day. You must learn to delegate if you’re to be a successful business owner. Give your team a chance to shine. Let them take ownership of tasks. People appreciate when you place confidence in them. You won’t need to have the answer for each problem—just as platform that allows your people to be part of the solution. 

Tips for Success

Don’t micromanage your teams! That strategy never works. Even if an employee fails at a task, be supportive. No one’s perfect. We all make mistakes. Create an atmosphere where people can freely share their time, talents and opinions. 

As you care about your employees, you’ll find that they will begin to care about your business. This can wind up benefiting you in many ways. They’ll be more likely to preserve your resources. They’ll give you an honest day’s work. They’ll get involved in a way that’s priceless. And you’ll enjoy coming to work more. You won’t stress out so much about all those little things that can go wrong in a business.

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