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Kiwi Construction Industry’s Plans to Fight The Recession?
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02 Jul 2020

Kiwi Construction Industry’s Plans to Fight The Recession

The one million dollar question as we hit the midway mark of 2020 is “what are the Kiwi construction industry’s plans to fight the recession?” Our nation’s leaders have been working closely and tirelessly with experts to stand Aotearoa back up on her feet as the economic effects of the last few months start to make their presence known. 

The New Zealand government is hard at work grinding the cogs of the nation’s economy into action following the weeks-long standstill we all experienced this year. With the construction industry having always been an integral part of this machine, a large portion of the government’s monetary focus will be on revitalising this part of the Kiwi business world. 

Queenstown’s construction industry is due to receive a whopping $85mil contribution for their “shovel-ready projects” that are planned to come into full swing in the coming months. The promise of approximately 320 new jobs that comes with this grant sparks hope in the hearts of many Queenstown Kiwis, just a handful of folks that have experienced the all-too-familiar hardships that have struck the job market. Ardern noted that Queenstown has been hit particularly hard by the economic stagnation of late, stating that the “internationally-renowned tourism attraction” has seen real downturn recently.

There is hope that this new breath of life into Queenstown’s construction will help to support the town’s economy as it also recovers from the affected tourism industry. 

Are you and your team shovel-ready? 

We’re really proud of how the Kiwi construction industry plans to fight the recession, and we’re keen to get on board with the mission. Bonded NZ Ltd is ready to help bring a spring to your step as we get the construction ball rolling in Aotearoa. We are here to address all your construction insurance needs, no matter the ups and downs!